Fuel-Savings Calculator
Use the calculator below to see how much direct-vent modulating heating can save you. Just enter the current per-gallon price for each fuel type, and see the difference instantly.

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An animated, interactive Fuel-Savings Calculator

A complete line of versatile Direct Vent Solutions to choose from:

Monitor MPI

Monitor direct vent heating systems deliver up to 40,000 BTUs; available in high-efficiency K-1 kerosene, natural gas or propane models. Click for details.


Direct vent Toyostove models and Toyotomi on-demand continuous flow water heaters burn your preference of K-1 kerosene or #2 heating oil, depending on model. Click for details.


Energy-efficient direct vent heating (up to 38,400 BTU) and tankless hot water technology uses natural gas or propane. Click for details.


High-efficiency condensing boilers come in a variety of sizes for the most economical fit for your needs. Clean-burning propane or natural gas.
Click for details.